The Department of Political Sciences at the University of Pisa was officially founded in September 2012. But its roots are much older. Indeed, it is the natural successor to the Faculty of Political Sciences, which dates back to 1970, and whose origins can be traced back still further, to a degree course within the Faculty of Law.

Today, the individual needs not only to be a specialist in his or her field, but also to be able to draw on a range of other qualities, such as broad vision, the ability to plan, the openness to new ideas, and the capacity to be inspired. Qualities such as these can be nurtured within the types of course offered by our Department, courses which are based on the belief that in today’s ever-changing world, cultural ‘competence’, in a broad sense, is essential if one is to operate successfully for, and as part of, Society, without losing one’s sense of direction or purpose. This cultural competence is also a permanent resource which will enable the individual to continually update and refine his or her particular professional skills.

From 1970 onwards, the Faculty, now Department, of Political Sciences has benefited from the presence of academics of national and international repute, and many of our graduate and postgraduate students have gone on to achieve high levels of success both in Italy and abroad.

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